What I Use on My Natural Hair!

Lately, I’ve been wearing my natural hair more and slowly easing away from wearing my sew-in (weaves) as much. Don’t get me wrong, I love wearing my long hair! It’s just the upkeep and maintenance has become a bit much for me. I am loving the ease of just doing a quick wash and go or twist-out on my hair. The main struggle though with natural hair is figuring out what works for your texture. There are sooooo many products out there it can be very overwhelming and expensive!! My main hurdle has been finding the right products that keep my hair moisturized.

I have become more aware of reading labels and seeing what is in the products not just how good they smell or look. So far I have had a bit of luck with the TGIN RepaiRx line and plain virgin coconut oil. I purchased the Miracle RepaiRx Moisturizing Shampoo, Miracle RepaiRx Deep Hydrating Hair Mask; Miracle RepaiRx Leave-in Conditioner, and the Miracle RepaiRx Curl Food. There is also an Anti-Breakage Serum, but my Sally’s was sold out of it. The Curl Food has been my least favorite because it leaves a bit of a residue on my hair.

These products smell so good! It’s a light smell not overpowering at all which I love. I wash my hair and deep condition once a week. The instructions on the conditioner say to leave it on for an hour or so without heat. I typically let mine sit a little longer because I’m trying to get as much moisture back in my hair as possible. Once I wash the conditioner out, I follow-up with the leave-in conditioner and my coconut oil. The leave-in has excellent slip and leaves my hair soft. It makes the detangling process easy.

My hair is very thick and curly so detangling is very important. The coconut oil I use came from an online shop called R & R Luxury. I like how they package theirs because it is in a spray bottle. This makes it easy to apply. I just let it sit in some hot water to loosen it up. I follow the L.C.O method (liquid, cream, oil) when doing my twist outs. For my liquid, I use water in a spray bottle—pretty simple right?! Right now I’m trying out different ways to wear my hair, and my favorite has been twist-outs and flat twists. What products do you use on your natural hair? Comment below and share some of your favorites!

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