The Single Girl’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

unsplash-logoLaura Ockel

Hey babes!! Valentine’s Day is upon us yet again. For some it can be a day filled with roses and chocolates and others not so much. Just because you don’t have a significant other doesn’t mean you have to feel down. There is plenty you can do to make the most of your day. Here are a few tips to survive Valentine’s Day as a single girl.

  • Practice self-care. Use this as an opportunity to grab yourself a pedicure or even have a spa day. You can even take the less expensive route and do it at home.  
  • Grab all your single friends and hit the town. This is the perfect excuse to go out to a nice dinner and hit up a bar or too.
  • Host a “Galantine’s” dinner at home. If you don’t want to go out invite some friends over and cook dinner – or order in.
  • Binge watch a new Netflix series. You’ll get so into the series you’ll forget your single or what day it is. Best part is you don’t have to wait on anyone to watch the next episode.  
  • Buy yourself some fresh flowers. Whole foods always seem to have the freshest bouquets.

Lastly, even it feels like the end of the world because your still single for yet another Valentine’s Day, remember it is just another day.

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