Go With Your Gut!

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As I get older I’m paying more attention to my health. In my twenties I was able to eat and drink whatever, whenever and not worry about a thing. That’s not the case now. Things are starting to slow down and weight is not as easily maintained as before. I never really thought about my digestive health until after I had my son. I’ve noticed my metabolism is not as fast as it used to be and I tend to have more bloating. So when I got the opportunity to try out the Gut Connection by Country Life I was intrigued.

To start, I had never heard of a prebiotic. Basically, prebiotics are compounds that prompt the growth of beneficial microorganisms—bacteria, into the gastrointestinal tract. The Gut Connection contains whole food fermentate prebiotics that feed the existing probiotics in your gut and helps to maintain its lining. So instead of trying to introduce more probiotics into your stomach these vitamins actually feed the ones you already have! Pretty cool right?! The collection offers several different varieties of vitamins that can aid in things like sleep, energy, and weight to name just a few.

I sampled the DigestiveBalance blend and I did notice a slight difference. For one my BMs became more regular and I didn’t feel as “heavy”. I typically take my vitamins at night (I can never remember to take them in the morning). The recommended dosage is four capsules daily with food. I did not find them hard to take at all. They are not big horse pills like some vitamins I have taken and there is no weird after taste. I would definitely recommend these vitamins if you’re in need of a digestive balance. I plan to give the other varieties a try as well, especially the WeightBalance. Do you suffer from digestive problems? Share your stories below!

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