Achieving Work-Life Balance

Like most of the world we are starting to return to work. Having worked from home for over a year, the thought could be potentially stressful. One thing that the pandemic has taught us, was to slow down and recongize the things that are most important. Being fortunate enough to work from home you realized the importance of proper work-life balance. The hustle and bustle of working 40+ hours a week is no longer the ideal. Making a few changes now can help to reduce stress and anxiety ahead of time.  

Set Boundaries

As women we typically carry the weight of the world. We are trying to maintain a household, raise children, and be the best we can be at work. This often causing us to not want to say ‘no’ when we cleary should for fear of looking weak. By setting boundaries both personally and professionally, you allow yourself more opportunites to say ‘yes’ to the things that really matter.  

Ask for help

One of the hardest for me to do is ask for help. But on the occaisions that I have, I realized that people were happy to help. We get so caught up in trying to do everything ourselves we don’t even realize that there we have a tribe around us that is willing to help when needed. If your finding yourself overwhelmed ask for help. Just as the old saying goes, “closed mouths don’t get fed..” No one will never know if you don’t let them know.  

Plan ahead

Planning ahead and being organized can be a major timesaver as well as stress reducer. Something as simple as meal plannning and prepping can take some of the pressure of rushing from work to get home and decide what to cook for dinner. This will also allow for more time to spend with your loved ones. Another great tip is to keep a calendar or agenda for the week, that way there are no surprises as to what tasks you may have. You will also avoid over-scheduling yourself.  

Lastly, remember it’s completely normal to experience some type of stress, the key though how you manage it.   

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